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Levulan® Photodynamic Therapy (Levulan® PDT) is an advanced treatment for actinic keratosis (AKs), or rough textured, dry, scaly patches on the skin that can lead to skin cancer. Levulan® PDT is unique because it uses a light activated drug therapy to destroy AKs.

Levulan® Kerastick® Topical Solution is applied to the AKs. The solution is then absorbed by the AK cells where it is converted to a chemical that makes the cell etremely sensitive to light. When the AK cells are exposed to the Omnilux Blue Light illumination, a reaction occurs which destroys the AK cells.

The treatment course is convenient, and fits your lifestyle*:

  • Low downtime
  • No prescription to fill
  • No daily medication to remember
  • Excellent cosmetic response

*Patients treated with Levulan® PDT should avoid exposure to the photosensitized lesions to sunlight or prolonged or intense light for at least 40 hours.