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The demand for intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal and laser hair removal treatments is at an all-time high. The Max-R Hair Removal system is clinically proven to produce results in removing unwanted hair from all areas of the body including the face, back, chest, leg, bikini line and under arm areas – with greater comfort and less downtime.

Hair removal with IPL has established itself as a reliable and effective method for permanent reduction of hair growth. For most patients, 4-6 treatments with result in a 70-90% reduction in hair. This does not mean that the treated area will be 100% hair free. Ideal candidates are those with pale skin and dark hair. This system works by targeting the pigment with the hair under arms and bikini line can be treated safely and rapidly.

Because hair grows in distinct cycles, multiple treatments are usually necessary to achieve long-lasting results.

The Max-R Hair Removal system makes it easy for any skin type – including dark skin – in comfortable, cost-effective treatments with minimal risk and downtime for the patient.